Richard Lovell Edgeworth Bibliography

Practical Education 1798
Written with Maria Edgeworth. Richard Edgeworth invented a plan for telegraphic communication between Dublin and Galway. He also devised many mechanical inventions, including a semaphore, a velocipede, a pedometer, a new land-measuring machine, and various forms of carriage. Edgeworth formed friendships with Thomas Day, and Erasmus Darwin; he visited Rousseau, according to whose system he educated his eldest son. He argued that education “should be based on an understanding of the child’s mind and this could be obtained by treating the subject as an experimental science in which the conversation of children was noted down.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1969)
Belinda 1801
Society novel admired by Jane Austen.
Early Lessons and Moral Tales for Young People 1801
Poetry explained for the Use of Young People 1802
Essay on Irish Bulls 1802
Essay co-authored with Maria Edgeworth.
Essays on Professional Education 1809
Readings on Poetry 1816